Complex Engineering Platform
The UniFusion is web-services based system which exchange data in real-time.
It consists of two main parts:
  • RtFusion is service for real-time complex data processing,
  • W3Fusion is service for graphical presentation of real-time data and post-mortem analysis. (The internet SCADA system).
The UniFusion main advantages:
  • Modularity enables flexibility for building up ether a simple device or a complex system for control centres. UniFusion system can be implemented on simple embedded systems as well as processing high capable devices. Final integration can be build-up from different functional modules depends on device purpose.
  • User-friendly graphical interface enables set-up of complex monitoring systems. The use of the system does not require any programming knowledge. Construction of graphical user interfaces enables design of data views depending on individual user demand.
  • Data views and tools for system configuration are accessed by the Internet. Therefore the parameterisation of the system is completely accessed by the Internet.