UniFusion - Benefits
Solution for complex industrial automation
Server and PC based technology enable wide flexibility for complex data processing systems. Implementation based on well-known and established server technology enables reliability, exchangeability, redundancy and hardware independency.

Complete solution in one application
UniFusion platform contains all necessary modules for data acquisition, processing and data presentation. Data presentation is performed by Web SCADA system.

Remote service and customer support
Remote access is very convenient for system adaptation and user support. UniFusion is completely remote service oriented solution.

Asynchronous data acquisition
Complex processing containing asynchronous data acquisition using different communication media, e.g., Ethernet, Canbus, PCI, etc., requires functions enabling synchronised data processing. UniFusion has integrated functions for complete time synchronisation of data processing.

Real-time data access by Internet
Nowadays trends involve data availability now, always and everywhere. UniFusion solution is integrated Web SCADA.

Cost reduction
Integrated system enables cost reduction concerning testing, maintenance, personnel training and last but not least the system cost price.