WAProtectorTM - Data Acquisition
Data acquisition is performed by the use of standard protocols. Such a solution gives users independence from the hardware producers. Modular architecture enables easy upgrade and adaptation to the customer needs.

Communication connectivity
WAProtectorTM provides a wide range of communications protocols to collect and yield synchrophasor data. PMU client drives acquire data from PMUs:
  • IEEE 1344 and C37.118 synchrophasor data format,
  • IEC 60870-5-101/104, DNP protocols.
The system is open for future extension and integration of other phasor data concentrators (PDCs) and further PMUs.
The basic configuration of WAProtectorTM can collect data streams from 25 PMUs. Optional the system can be extended up to 100 PMUs.

Data base
The real-time database enables data storage of measured and calculated values (i.e. currents, voltages, power, different stability indices, etc.) with maximum sample rate 1 sample per cycle (50 (60) samples per second).Basic database consists of 14 days data storage. Optionally it is possible to extend data storage for a longer period.

Virtual PMU
The purpose of the virtual PMU is to present selected data, obtained from physical devices, for exchange with other users. Two or more companies can share selected data from one or more PMUs.
The virtual PMU enables exchange of data via different communication networks. This way the access to the company intranet, which is closed for the other companies, is not required. The main advantage of the virtual PMU is that the user (client) is connected to it on the same way as on the physical PMU, i.e. the same protocol, without access to the local intranet.
ELPROS programme contains virtual PMU also as stand alone device WAProtector-VirtualPMUTM.