WAProtectorTM - Transformer Monitoring
One of the tasks of wide area monitoring system is thermal line monitoring. Since power transformers are also including in wide area systems, WAProtectorTM enables real-time thermal monitoring of power transformers.
Transformer-monitoring module enables transformer operation closer to its limits. The module allows getting more out of exiting transformer and permitting operation at higher capacity factors to reach the maximum economical efficiency.
The transformer-monitoring module for overload management is defined by the IEEE (C57.91-1995/Cor 1/ July, 2001) and IEC 60354 (IEC, 1991) loading guides.
With information from the top-oil, ambient temperature, current and voltage inputs, the transformer-monitoring module is able to provide unique asset management functionality. This functionality includes overload tracking with the temperature (adaptive overload), automated load shedding based on temperature and/or current levels and predictive overload early warning. Combined with loss of life estimation, the transformer-monitoring module provides protection, monitoring and control for the transformer in one integrated unit.

Data acquisition drivers
WAProtectorTM enables direct data acquisition from Hydran M2 and Hydran 201i system.

Monitoring values
A wide range of different measurements can be acquired for monitoring of power transformer. Depends on the size of transformer, its role and importance in the network as well as condition, the following variables can be measured:
  • Load currents
  • Terminal voltages
  • Oil temperature
  • Winding temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • Dissolve gasses in oil
  • Moisture in oil
  • On-load tap changer position
  • Operating state of fans
  • Pumps load current
  • Protective relay statuses
All monitoring values are stored in permanent database.